Part of series: Caged Girls
Produced in: 2017
Material: multicolor composite 3D print
Print height: 35 cm
Edition: 8 unique pieces
Extra: This design is inspired by an older piece from 2010-2013. The wings of the girl in the cage are actually placed outside of the enclosure. On the bottom of the cage is a keyring with several keys. One of them fits to the lock on the door.

Little girls want to seem angels. What is the best dress for a girl? Who is the best designer? I know one, Eric van Straaten and I know his answer: freedom. Poor little angel locked in a cage forever. A pretty pink cage, as her feminine feelings. Who caught you? Is that what you did? Is it your own work? Little girl who wanted to fly, to be free and to be good…, to be an angel. Little girl who wanted to have a perfect family, to be a Queen Bee and protect your friends, your world. Too much burden! Too much burden when the rest of the world is looking for other objectives: money, success, more money, their own navel…, selfishness in the end. You are so young! You are still so full of fantasies and good intentions! You are building your own cage, as a fashionable dress, which nobody wanted to wear or admire. The world is changing too fast. Nobody intends to fulfill the ethical standards you learned in school. Hard world that despises the innocent girl. Atheist world that no longer believes in angels. However, there is always a hope, and this hope is hidden in the art. The artists Eric van Straaten understands you, understands your objectives and your mythology. His 3D printed sculptures are full of secret meanings and forgotten narratives. He is the Charming Prince you have been searching in your dreams. He is your artist, the one who has imagined you, the one who has built you, the one who is giving you a voice in this materialistic world.
Review by Isabel del Rio – Yaraeh Magazine (