Part of series: Odd Ducks
Designed in: 2016
To be produced in: 2017
Material: multicolor composite 3D print
Print height: 70 cm
Edition: 8 unique pieces
Extra: –

NOTE: The picture on this page is a render: a computer generated image of a sculpture to be 3D printed. In the actual 3D printed sculpture details, colors and print height may vary. All changes are at the discretion of the artist. Gallery prices will be, depending on the size of the piece, roughly between 2.000 and 6.000 Euro.

The Old-World flamingos were considered by the Ancient Egyptians to be the living representation of the god Ra. In Ancient Rome, their tongues were considered a delicacy. Andean miners have killed flamingos for their fat, believed to be a cure for tuberculosis. In the United States, pink plastic flamingo statues are popular lawn ornaments. Flamingos are the birds that the Queen of Hearts uses in the Croquet Game in Alice in Wonderland. Actually, flamingos are not pink. They are born with grey feathers, which gradually turn pink in the wild because of a natural pink dye called canthaxanthin that they obtain from their diet of brine shrimp and blue-green algae.