Eric van Straaten @ Walls Gallery Amsterdam


From July 12 until August 24, 3D printing sculptor Eric van Straaten participates in the group-exhibition ‘Miscellaneous // The Summer Edition 2014′ at Walls Gallery Amsterdam. The images beneath are the ones Eric van Straaten will be showing.


On show will be new works of in-house artists and (inter)national guest artists and designers. The show will be an exciting and eclectic mixture of different media and styles. Large and small works on canvas, design pieces, drawings and collages, light installations and sculptures, you will be surrounded by stunning pieces.

Little Mermaid

Art on the walls: Jordan Clark, Sander Dekker, Gilbert1, Ashkan Honarvar, KAMP HORST, Boonie Kleinjan, Wouter Nijland, Ibo Pompe, ROYALSTEEZ, Silas, Eric van Straaten, Paul Tas, Marko Vuijk and Rozemarijn Westerink. Design on the floor: Collaboration O – Habitus and Tessa Koot.

Eric van Straaten - 3D printed sculptures

Opening Saturday 12 July 2014 / 15-18 hrs
Address: Prinsengracht 737 / 1017 JX Amsterdam /

Eric van Straaten - 3D printed sculptures

The Humbelle Series – Finding Nemo


Finding Nemo - 3D printed sculpture – Price $125 (including $25 shipping costs)

This is the second result of a series of miniatures I am designing, inspired by socalled ‘Hummels’ (kitsch little porcelain figures that are widely collected). This ‘Finding Nemo’ measures 85 (h) x 60 (w) x 55 (d) mm and is made in full colored polymer. Offcourse she can also be ordered in a bigger size as you can see in sandstone, as is the same with all my models.

The idea is that people who love my work, but for instance can’t afford a bigger piece, will be inspired to collect the miniatures. Every two months, I will be adding a miniature to the collection, so there will be a flow of collectibles.

Amazing 3D printed full color plastic


Together with 3D printing company Cocu here in The Netherlands, I am working with an exiting new technique: full color plastic! TheProJet® 4500 is the new machine from 3D Systems and it works basically the same as the previous ZCorp I use, only the gypsum is replaced by a polymer.The greatest advantage is that the models don’t have to be impregnated after the 3D printing but come out of the printer as is. Also, the material is much stronger.

Below is the first model I made for this technique. As you can see, it is smaller than 10 cm. The spikes of the porcupine would be impossible to print in ZCorp. Right now I am working on the color (which is slightly different than with ZCorp) and after that, the minimodels I am selling in The Humbelle Series will be printed in plastic.

3D Printed Sculptures