Humbelle Series 1

LATEST NEWS: Collectibles by Eric van Straaten – The Humbelle Series
This is the first result of a series of miniatures I am designing, inspired by socalled ‘Hummels’ (kitsch little porcelain figures that are widely collected). This ‘Little Princess’ measures 85 (h) x 74 (w) x 59 (d) mm and is made by i.materialise in full colored sandstone. The idea is that people who love my work, but for instance can’t afford a bigger piece, will be inspired to collect the miniatures. That’s why I will be offering the Humbelle pieces online for a limited amount of time (3 months). During this period, they will become more expensive (so if you want one ‘cheap’, you have to jump in quick;)! Every two months, I will be adding a miniature to the collection, so there will be a flow of collectibles. The webshop where you can order the Little Princess is here: http://i.materialise.com/gallery/0572b791-5189-4d9b-9462-d801564d1551
If you do not want to order through the webshop, you can order one directly by mailing me here: eric@ericvanstraaten.com



Eric van Straaten presents 2D rendered photo’s at Realisme Amsterdam

Eric van Straaten presents, aside his new 3D printed sculptures, six new 2D rendered photo’s at Realisme Amsterdam, in which his renegade-willed pubescent girls are …

Feb 2014

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Largest full color 3D printed sculpture

Eric van Straaten¬†presents largest full color 3D printed sculpture in the world The art fair REALISME is organized for the eleventh time in the Passenger …

Jan 2014

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In the footsteps of Ray Ceasar?

For the last few months, 3D sculptor Eric van Straaten has been trying to educate himself in 3D rendering, a logical step after the adventures …

Dec 2013

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3D-model Repair Service

After six years of learning how to prepare 3D-models for additive manufacturing, I think it is a good idea to offer my extensive knowledge in this field of especially colored (textured) 3D-models to the online community. If you want to get your model 3D-printed and don’t know how to do that, or you know how to do that, but still can’t get it to work, mail me at stlfix@ericvanstraaten.com and I’ll see what I can do for you. I offer a basic fixing service starting at 75 US Dollar, which I believe will solve most problems after which you can get your own 3D-print through a service like i.materialise or Shapeways. If you want, I can do this for you also. (more…)



These are my ‘real life’ 3D-printed statuettes that are available for sale. If you want information on that, please mail me here.



These are some of the best ‘real life’ 3D-printed statuettes that I made earlier (sold out).



According to trendwatchers, 3D-printing is the next big thing: in the near future, every household will own a printer that is capable of printing digital three-dimensional objects into a physical object. In the process that is best known under the name ‘Additive Manufacturing’, a 3D-printer builds up a model layer by layer by selectively hardening liquid or powder.

If this powder is a plaster-like material, a model can be directly printed in full color. The 3D-printing of delicate and colored models is far from being just pushing a button, but requires great technical skills. Therefore only a few specialize in this technique and there is no artist who pushes the boundaries of colorized 3D-prints as far as Eric van Straaten.

There is no technique that is capable of achieving such a great degree of hyper(sur)realism as 3D-modeling. At the same time, 3D printing is the only technique with which virtual models can be made actually physically touchable. Physical expressiveness in form and content is the biggest strength of the work of Eric van Straaten: while the sculptures remain to have a certain digital feel to them, the pieces contain a weirdly eroticized corporeality. Balancing on the edge of kitsch, the marzipan-like quality of the material resonates beautifully with the apparent innocence of the scenery. (more…)


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