Sometimes, if I find it interesting, I take on commissions of customers who want something special. In the last four years I did some remakes of previous designs, but also new works inspired by for instance other artists or based on personal wishes. If you are interested in a possible commission, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The latest one I am working on right now, is a remake of maybe my most popular sculpture called ‘Lumi':

Eric van Straaten - 3D printed sculptures

This piece was sold out pretty quick, leaving a lot of disappointed collectors. Lately some of them asked me to think about making a variation on the piece and I found it interesting to play with different poses and accompanying birds to give the new piece a distinct different feel and story. The piece underneath is still in the design stage, but it is turning out pretty well I think:


Expositie Landgoed Beeckestijn

Van 1 t/m 22 februari 2015 doe ik mee aan de expositie ‘Contrasten’ in Buitenplaats Beeckestijn (Rijksweg134 te Velzen). Mijn beeld ‘Pelican’ (70 cm hoog) zal daar te zien zijn, in een relatie met het werk van Mariëtte van Haastrecht.

Opening met high tea op zondag 1 februari om 15.00 uur
Openingswoord door Willem de Winter (deskundige van AVRO’s ‘Tussen Kunst en Kitsch’ Eigenaar van kunsthandel E.J. Wisselingh & Co, Haarlem).

Deelnemende Kunstenaars: Cora verhoog, Corrie Swaak, Floor de Bruyn Kops, Ineke van Eden, Marleen van den Bergh, Merel van Beukering, Inge Behling, Maria Hooykaas, Mariëtte van Haastrecht, Marion van Harreveld, Mieke Mostermans, Nelke Masseus, Stella de Kort, Tonneke Sengers, Victorine Loomans en Eric van Straaten.

Geopend van donderdag t/m zondag van 11.00 tot 16.00 uur
Deze tentoonstelling is een initiatief van Stichting Beeckestijn en Kunstkring Fiore.

New 3D printed Humbelle ‘Pug’ – discount for early birds


‘Pug’ is the fourth model in the series of 3D printed miniatures (9 centimeters high) I am designing, inspired by socalled ‘Hummels’ (kitsch little porcelain figures that are widely collected). At this moment there are four Humbelles available: ‘Rabbit’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Little Princess’. Every two months I will try to release a new one.

All of these models can be ordered online, go to my order page to see how. The model ‘Pug’ is to be produced (below you see a computer render of the design) but can already be ordered for a limited amount of time at a discount for early birds.

The idea is that people who love my work, but for instance can’t afford a bigger piece, will be inspired to collect the miniatures.


LATEST NEWS: My piece ‘Pelican’ is being featured on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art’s website as a representative example of work that will be exhibited as a part of the collection. Check it out here:


3D Printed Sculptures