3D printed sculptures


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Most of the 3D printed sculptures you will find on this website, are available at the galleries that represent Eric van Straaten in amongst others The Netherlands, Belgium and the USA, but the 3D printed miniatures in the Humbelles Series can be ordered in the black bar of the website through PayPal. The latest Humbelle is right after the release only $100 for early birds. Prices are including shipping costs and VAT. Humbelles are inspired by socalled ‘Hummels’ (kitsch little porcelain figures that are widely collected).

3D Printing

In the process that is best known under the name ‘Additive Manufacturing’, a 3D-printer builds up a model layer by layer by selectively hardening liquid or powder. If this powder is a plaster-like material, a model can be directly printed in full color. The 3D-printing of delicate and colored models require great technical skills. Therefore only a few specialize in this technique and there is no artist who pushes the boundaries colorized 3D-prints as far as Eric van Straaten.