New 3D printed Humbelle ‘Watch’

‘Watch’ is the fifth model in the series of 3D printed miniatures (9 centimeters high) Eric van Straaten is designing, inspired by socalled ‘Hummels’ (kitsch little porcelain figures that are widely collected). The idea is that people who the work of Van Straaten, but for instance can’t afford a bigger piece, will be inspired to collect the miniatures. At this moment there are five Humbelles available: ‘Watch’, ‘Pug’, ‘Rabbit’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Little Princess’. Every two months he will try to release a new one.

All of these models can be ordered online, go to the order page to see how.


Call for sponsors

This summer and late fall, I will be exhibiting larger sculptures at galleries in Holland, Belgium and New York. As you may know, 3D printing is a very expensive process, and artists like me don’t have the means to invest large amounts of money beforehand. That is why I am reaching out to possible sponsors of my work.

Below are some examples of the pieces I would like to exhibit (some photos of 3D printed sculptures and some designs that have to be produced). These will be around 70 cm high. What I propose is a sort of crowdfunding deluxe: if you buy a sculpture before it is produced, you will receive it with a considerable discount after it is exhibited. This way you make possible that I can do a great exhibition with larger pieces, and you get a great piece for yourself. We can even talk about small changes in the design and sizes if you would like that.

If you are interested and want to talk to me further, please mail me at


Pelican – 2015


New Rebels – 2015


Carnation – 2015


Magpiecage – 2015

3D Printed Sculptures