Call for sponsors

This summer and late fall, I will be exhibiting larger sculptures at galleries in Holland, Belgium and New York. As you may know, 3D printing is a very expensive process, and artists like me don’t have the means to invest large amounts of money beforehand. That is why I am reaching out to possible sponsors of my work.

On the page ‘Latest Designs’ are some examples of the pieces I would like to exhibit. The standing figures will be around 60 cm high. What I propose is a sort of crowdfunding deluxe: if you buy a sculpture before it is produced, you will receive it with a considerable discount after it is exhibited. This way you make possible that I can do a great exhibition with larger pieces, and you get a great piece for yourself. We can even talk about small changes in the design and sizes if you would like that.

If you are interested and want to talk to me further, please mail me at



Sometimes, if I find it interesting, I take on commissions of customers who want something special. In the last four years I did some remakes of previous designs, but also new works inspired by for instance other artists or based on personal wishes. If you are interested in a possible commission, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The latest one I am working on right now, is a remake of maybe my most popular sculpture called ‘Lumi':

Eric van Straaten - 3D printed sculptures

This piece was sold out pretty quick, leaving a lot of disappointed collectors. Lately some of them asked me to think about making a variation on the piece and I found it interesting to play with different poses and accompanying birds to give the new piece a distinct different feel and story. The piece underneath has turned out pretty well I think:

3D printed selfies at PAN Amsterdam

At PAN Amsterdam, 3D printing sculptor Eric van Straaten is showing three new sculptures at the booth of Galerie Majke Husstege. Two of the scultpures, titled ‘Guinea’ and ‘Pelican’ are way out of the boundaries of the usual sizes in full color 3D prints: 70 centimeters high. The overall theme of the group could be described as ‘selfies‘.

LATEST NEWS: The piece ‘Pelican’ is being featured on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art’s website as a representative example of work that will be exhibited as a part of the collection. Check it out here:


3D Printed Sculptures